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Monday, July 23, 2007

Why Gossip ?? Is Here

well, it is finally here huh..

i never thought this is possible, and very much never seem to undertstand where did i muster the courage, pack my laziness and abstain the voice in my head shouting " are you insane? " to start off this blog..

Not any blog, but here is one on entertainment, thank you very much.

Best of all, we will try to cover all the hoods' - from holly, molly, bolly, to i just found out it existed yesterday- lolly (but dont hold your breath on this). I would like to bring your attention to the word “Try” in the previous sentence, as it is just too darn big, and very much crazy, for me to cover all. Once in a while, when i am very much bored to write intelligent commentaries on this entertainment hoods, ah well, i might even give the local Asia, or perhaps Malaysia scene a dash of my " vibrant energy".

While i would love to be remembered as the One, serving good and unquestionable truths on the entertainment scene, kindly turn the "On" switch of that mutherfuckin mind of yours and remind yourself that we are dealing with entertainment issues here, so i WILL UNETHICALLY AND UNAPALOGETICALLY write whatever i please, on how i fathom future issues discussed here happened..

To get a grip on how i think, lets look at some prior event blitz, and get acquainted with where i stand:

Paris Hilton going to jail - she is a twart
Britney doing Crouchin Tiger, Hidden Pussy Dragon - she is a twart
Lindsay doin wait, everything she does borderlines on absolute stupidity- she is a twart
Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother - she is a twart
Megan Fox In Transformer - she is Hot !!

Alright, alright, the last one is slightly biased, i watched the movie weeks ago... what do you expect from me right? I am a men.. we were doomed since the day Adam shagged Eve…

Ladies and gentlemen, we have started this freak show, and i hope you stay for the ride and enjoy it till it ends, which I predict will come in these ways
Someone put up a unreversible hex or curse on me,
I am sued for USD 100 mill in a civil suit (do that shit, i dont have that money, so you wont get none anyway) , or
I just died..If this happened, be sure not to read my autobiography, when it comes out.. I rather not have someone cash in on my self-believe, made up fame.

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