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Friday, August 17, 2007

Help Dr. Mani Save A Child !!

Blog Awards Winner

"I live a dream of possibility. And I want you to be able to share in it, too."

Thats what a kind hearted man called Dr. Mani said, and due to people like him, i am proud to give him this special mention in whygossip , far from the usual celebrity stories that you always find here.

He is a Internet Marketeer, who has the most peculiar ambition to make money.. He is doing it to treat and completely cure kids born with life-threatening heart defects. See for yourself.

"And by giving you everything that you want, I want to involve YOU in helping sponsor heart surgery for FIFTY children - now. " Dr. Mani

It costs $3000 to sponsor a child to undergo heart operation to cure them, therefore he is planning to raise $ 150,000 to provide these kids with a new lease of life.

He is doing this by providing a ongoing firesale like no other, to benefit Dr.Mani Children Heart Foundation. His jampacked there-goes-everything quality products, are top notch, and have huge demand in the market right now.

See the products yourself

Honestly people, its not always we humble human beings have a chance in being a hero ..

You can now..

Go on, you can do two things to help Dr Mani and this kids out.

Make a donation to save this kids.. buy the firesale items

or help spread this news around by posting infos like this in YOUR OWN BLOG/WEBSITE.

Money comes and goes, but good deeds stays and makes a human, hero !!

with much respect


p/s- there is no affiliate links in this post . i am doing this sincerely to help this man out as much as i can.. Please help him as much as YOU can. Help Him !!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hermoine Harry Potter Got A New BF !!

Emma Watson, the pretty lass from Harry Potter series was spotted out on the town with handsome rugby player Tom Ducker. The 17-year-olds were hanging out in nightclubs and eating lobster with $200 bottles of champagne in an expensive seafront restaurant.

Are they really in love?
Yes, the couple told staff at Castel Plage that they would also be sampling the nightlife in nearby Cannes and St Tropez later on, before heading east to the Italian Riviera.

For some unknown reason, Ducker’s father insists they are just friends. But that is just Ducker dad.. not him.. If its me in Ducker's position, I will be happy to tell the whole world that i could probably having some chances to shag her.

Ah well, what to do.. Life goes on

i feel bad for her though, she always got hit by the dudes with the ugly names.. in her movie, it was "Weasley" now " Ducker " ??

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Week End: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Liz Taylor, Mary Kate, Christina Aquirela Special


whyGossip weekend edition !!

Sorry for the time out guys. i was stuck on an outing with my friends, where there is no Internet connection.
By the way, this is the 2nd weekend edition for whyGossip? and i would like to send my whygossip-luv to all of you guys..

In weekend edition, we will do a special feature on all websites out there who promote the same thing as whyGossip( once i find out what exactly i am promoting, i will write it down ;-) ) , plus have our quote of the week published..

Before that, do take the time, and get yourself in our RSS feeds, you will love it.

So, here it goes..

This Week In Flash !!

Honestly, which part of her body we havent seen already?

Now it is a valid nipple slip in my book of rules..

just in case, here is a close-up..

Now, people, donate some money and buy her some undies here!!

Lindsay Lohan claims to only have gone without panties once..

yeah right, thats like she is claiming that she only got drunk Once!

but Lindsay, i have proofs that you DID go out commando-style more than once.

Can you explain this?

or this, lindsay?

or at least this girl ?

Case closed Lindsay..

Now, people, donate some money and buy her some undies here!!

Hip hop died when Liz Taylor embraced it

take a look at that picture. Enuf' said.

Dont tell anyone, Eminem, i found your dad.. you'r cloned, you idiot!
she is really your dad. Now go kill her !!

People, call the geeks and ask them to examine this dead canary

yes, tmz.com finally found the elusive red jacketed, elusive, never to be found again, canary thought to be extinct..

now, can someone go and shoot it, and REALLY make this sorry piece of canary extinct?

i feel bad for the peacock whose tail was used to make this outfit,
it seems the bird committed suicide three days ago.

Honestly, she thinks this shit is cool,
i am thinking "what shit is she smokin nowadays?"

the quote of the week goes to

I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures."
- Christina Aguilera

so i searched:

aha,those exotic treasures.. she meant the nipple ring?

whyGossip Update:

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our poll has just ended, and here is the result
80 people has voted

for the poll: who is the next wacko jacko?
9% voted Nicole Richie
9% voted Paris Hilton
42 % voted Lindsay Lohan

and the winner is:
45 % voted Britney Spears!!
(because of you guys, i lost a $10 that lindsay will win!)

The next poll will be up by today.

Thats it, if you would like me to feature and/or review you or your site in next week edition , send a comment to me at this blog!! Terms and condition apply !!

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Friday, August 3, 2007

Eddie Murphy Confirming Shag'in Scary Spice !

Finally Eddie Murphy admitted that he shagged Scary Spice(why did she choose this name again??) , and he is the dad for Angel. This comes just after both of them meet yesterday, and Scary threatening to go all the way to court.

i dont understand, in Spice Girls, there is 4 better potential shagmate i.e : Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Melanie Chisholm too.. and he needs to go to Melanie "SCARY"Brown?

thats like saying you ditched Snow White and shagged Dopey instead !
Eddie : say my name, dopey ?
Dopey: Awrk, Eddie!

He says too that will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father and acknowledged that himself and Ms."SCARY" Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of ANY sort.

That means it was supposed to be shag-and-be-merry kind of thing, but it backfired..

He too acknowledges paternity of the child Angel, and told that he has paid child support to her as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy.

my recommended thumbs up.

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so, if he has been paying child support, what more can she possibly want..


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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Your Power To Vote

hey 66 people have voted : have you ?

the result is going to be very very tight..

dont stall anymore!!

find the hot poll at the topmost of the poll, and vote the hell out, people.

*even if you have voted, you can still edit it*

the poll will close in 12 hours after 7 days of intensive spamming to get you people to vote.

in other related matter, we will probably see whygossip going into a dotcom if the offer for free hosting and website domain comes true from a potential partner.

if you have any ideas, or partnership, or JV, i am willing to listen.. get me on email.

lets see if that happens.

whygossip admin.

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Why You Should Date Hillary Duff !

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Sometimes i get mad at celebs, they think just because they do a couple of songs,sell a few millions, they are the most powerful people on Earth.. (i dont really give a strong point there, do i? )

but, there are some celebs out there that i think worth a few good mentions in my book.

most of the time, i will like to diss and cuss the living daylight out any celebs who got into my "whygossip primetime news" - likes of lindsay, paris hilton and nicole richie..

For the record, i am not convinced of nicole richie today being all-angelic, i-am-turning-into-a-responsible-adult-shit, couse she will do that shit again.. wait and see.. Thats why there is no post mentioning it here today.

but, Hillary Duff, my, she is one angel that i will give my Cheapest Apple iPhone For.

On Wednesday, Hilary Duff dished up chicken stew for the homeless in Edmonton, Alberta at Herb Jamieson Centre as part of her social campaign to raise awareness about poverty and hunger in the world. Duff also help solicit food donations from those who attend her concert. The food will be distributed in Edmonton through Alberta Harvest.

isnt she a nice girl, ya' mum will approve off? Ya agree.. Read on..

Duff volunteered her time for over an hour and also paid a visit to Hope Mission, a Christian social services agency while she was there.

Big deal? you think its part of her "whore media" campaign ??

You bitch ..

she is a nice girl..

My i-tried-and-give-my-thums-up advertisement

Duff, who was in Canada for a scheduled stop on her “Dignity Tour” which kicked off Saturday in Winnipeg, has previously collaborated with Canadian Harvest and has raised more than 125,000 pounds of food on her two previous Canadian tours.

How about that.. isnt the prospect is getting better and better ?? You really start thinking that you should date her right?

Read more..

Hillary duff didnt just stayed until her photo-shoot and the media coverage is over, but she willingly waited until the very last poor bugger got his meal..

“She stayed for the whole lunch,” Hope Mission spokeswoman Janelle Aker said. “Until the last man received his food.”

You are sold ???

Now you want to really call her mum and say hi, call her dad and ask for his permission, book the limo, get your mum to pay for the food that you going to buy her, and loan some good clothes from your rich friend, and somehow make through her group of iron-steel bodyguard and ring her house bell..

YOU BET, whyGossip !!

well, did i forget to mention she was there with her supposedly "i-confirm-though" hockey player boyfriend,

New York Islanders player Mike Comrie ???

tough luck buddy..

but no complaints, here is one picture of her to make you all happy

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Sean Kingston Beautiful Girl Full Download

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Man, this guy surely knows how to get the babes..

i was going through billboard.com today and i found sean kingston come no 1 on top200 !

i never thought his music could come so far, so here you go Sean, this one is for you. You are on whygossip !!

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This Is The Best Cheapest iPhone There Is !!

if you want to download his song directly to your PC, here is the link to :Download ! Now, be a good boy and sent this link away to all the "BEAUTIFUL GIRLS" out there reading this post.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

whyGossip Top 20 '07 Best Celebrity Hottest Boobs !!

it has been quite an easy day in tinseltown, and *yawn* i dont want to bore you guys with another boring post.

to recap this day, we found out that Nicole Richie is confirmed pregnant( i thought i posted this 2 days ago) ,
we have Britney Spears going wacko and doing a Hilton&Richie act: driving on the wrong side of the lane, and she is not on DUI.. she is a trying to be a attention seeking mum twat maybe?

we have again the boring news that Tamake is trying to say its alright between her and Usher. Come on , serious about that?? any day now girl, and that boy will ditch you..

Life Insurance Quotes Online

By the way, i hope you guys take the time to vote in the hot poll, with another 2 days to go, we are having a very edgy run to the results. I bet a $50 on lindsay Lohan to win, but the poll is showing a different reason that i didnt even expect? You want to know, you have to VOTE !!

Come on, you guys voted for that idiot Bush to run president, you cant vote on this??

So, today, i am doing a whyGossip special, where i am doing my own, first of its kind

a drum roll please

the 20 whyGossip best celebrity hottest boobs !!

lets face it, we like it or not, we always marveled at how that piece of fat actually makes a girl sexy. We drool, and sometimes when someones shows a bad boob job, we run and hide..

We see them bare in photo shoots, in movies, in beach and yes, a so called "private sex tape", cough pamela anderson cough cough.. sorry.. feeling kinda sick today.

Listed below are twenty celebrities whose breasts have captured the public’s imagination. Not that they have to be imagined to see. More than half have already shown us the goods in movies and other media, while some, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, are perpetual teases who probably will be waiting until they’ve got no more careers to speak of before deciding to let “Oinky and Poinky” loose as a desperate measure, again cough pamela anderson cough cough.. sick again sorry !!

This list only posts what i presume as "all naturale" which means, none of it had been medically or magically altered to look good. Its not fair to put any fake boobs in, as i believe with the right money and tools, even the grandpa who lives next door with his fat belly, sagging chest and cheap liquor could make in the list. So, this i presume, are all natural.

If i am wrong, you could vote, comment, bash me up, or flame me. If i am right, help me flame any guys or gals (for the matter) who tries to diss me.

You can suggest a new person to make it in the list, and if you and the rest believe its the best, i will edit it and insert a link to your website so people could thank you and kiss your feet. Alright?

this list is not arranged in any way, but do reply and tell me who you think has the best jug !!
the person who is the most popular will be given a special post on the weekend edition !

here we go, the top 20 !!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

2. Heidi Klum

3. Estella Warren

4. Jennifer Aniston

5. Christina Millian

6. Elisha Cuthbert

oh, and dont forget to bid on my ebay item NOW, a brand new Apple iPhone.

7. Elzabeth Hurley

8. Shakira

9. Monica Belluci

10. Keeley Hazell

11. Shania Twain

12. Eve Mendes

13. Jessica Alba

14. LaeTITie Casta - she even got the word tit in her name !!

15. Catherine Bell

16. Mandy Moore

17. Halle Berry

18. Salma Hayek

19. Katherine Heigl

20. Carla Gugino

now that you have seen all the best 20 celebrity boob owners, this is what you must do. I will add another one, and take one out of that list, and you will help me do it. Vote for who you want me to kick out and bring in by putting a comment.The result will be published in the weekly weekend edition where we will put the new miss sunshine in and kick the old hag out.

that, and another thing, at the moment, i already have
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