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Friday, August 3, 2007

Eddie Murphy Confirming Shag'in Scary Spice !

Finally Eddie Murphy admitted that he shagged Scary Spice(why did she choose this name again??) , and he is the dad for Angel. This comes just after both of them meet yesterday, and Scary threatening to go all the way to court.

i dont understand, in Spice Girls, there is 4 better potential shagmate i.e : Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton, and Melanie Chisholm too.. and he needs to go to Melanie "SCARY"Brown?

thats like saying you ditched Snow White and shagged Dopey instead !
Eddie : say my name, dopey ?
Dopey: Awrk, Eddie!

He says too that will continue to honor his responsibilities as a father and acknowledged that himself and Ms."SCARY" Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of ANY sort.

That means it was supposed to be shag-and-be-merry kind of thing, but it backfired..

He too acknowledges paternity of the child Angel, and told that he has paid child support to her as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy.

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so, if he has been paying child support, what more can she possibly want..


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morinn said...

i love the way you've talked about this one! simply hilarious! haha

Anonymous said...

I would like to say your technorati avatar is already in my list, do drop me a comment! thanks!


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