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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hermoine Harry Potter Got A New BF !!

Emma Watson, the pretty lass from Harry Potter series was spotted out on the town with handsome rugby player Tom Ducker. The 17-year-olds were hanging out in nightclubs and eating lobster with $200 bottles of champagne in an expensive seafront restaurant.

Are they really in love?
Yes, the couple told staff at Castel Plage that they would also be sampling the nightlife in nearby Cannes and St Tropez later on, before heading east to the Italian Riviera.

For some unknown reason, Ducker’s father insists they are just friends. But that is just Ducker dad.. not him.. If its me in Ducker's position, I will be happy to tell the whole world that i could probably having some chances to shag her.

Ah well, what to do.. Life goes on

i feel bad for her though, she always got hit by the dudes with the ugly names.. in her movie, it was "Weasley" now " Ducker " ??

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Week End: Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Liz Taylor, Mary Kate, Christina Aquirela Special


whyGossip weekend edition !!

Sorry for the time out guys. i was stuck on an outing with my friends, where there is no Internet connection.
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So, here it goes..

This Week In Flash !!

Honestly, which part of her body we havent seen already?

Now it is a valid nipple slip in my book of rules..

just in case, here is a close-up..

Now, people, donate some money and buy her some undies here!!

Lindsay Lohan claims to only have gone without panties once..

yeah right, thats like she is claiming that she only got drunk Once!

but Lindsay, i have proofs that you DID go out commando-style more than once.

Can you explain this?

or this, lindsay?

or at least this girl ?

Case closed Lindsay..

Now, people, donate some money and buy her some undies here!!

Hip hop died when Liz Taylor embraced it

take a look at that picture. Enuf' said.

Dont tell anyone, Eminem, i found your dad.. you'r cloned, you idiot!
she is really your dad. Now go kill her !!

People, call the geeks and ask them to examine this dead canary

yes, tmz.com finally found the elusive red jacketed, elusive, never to be found again, canary thought to be extinct..

now, can someone go and shoot it, and REALLY make this sorry piece of canary extinct?

i feel bad for the peacock whose tail was used to make this outfit,
it seems the bird committed suicide three days ago.

Honestly, she thinks this shit is cool,
i am thinking "what shit is she smokin nowadays?"

the quote of the week goes to

I'm an ocean, because I'm really deep. If you search deep enough you can find rare exotic treasures."
- Christina Aguilera

so i searched:

aha,those exotic treasures.. she meant the nipple ring?

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45 % voted Britney Spears!!
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