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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hermoine Harry Potter Got A New BF !!

Emma Watson, the pretty lass from Harry Potter series was spotted out on the town with handsome rugby player Tom Ducker. The 17-year-olds were hanging out in nightclubs and eating lobster with $200 bottles of champagne in an expensive seafront restaurant.

Are they really in love?
Yes, the couple told staff at Castel Plage that they would also be sampling the nightlife in nearby Cannes and St Tropez later on, before heading east to the Italian Riviera.

For some unknown reason, Ducker’s father insists they are just friends. But that is just Ducker dad.. not him.. If its me in Ducker's position, I will be happy to tell the whole world that i could probably having some chances to shag her.

Ah well, what to do.. Life goes on

i feel bad for her though, she always got hit by the dudes with the ugly names.. in her movie, it was "Weasley" now " Ducker " ??

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