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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

whyGossip Top 20 '07 Best Celebrity Hottest Boobs !!

it has been quite an easy day in tinseltown, and *yawn* i dont want to bore you guys with another boring post.

to recap this day, we found out that Nicole Richie is confirmed pregnant( i thought i posted this 2 days ago) ,
we have Britney Spears going wacko and doing a Hilton&Richie act: driving on the wrong side of the lane, and she is not on DUI.. she is a trying to be a attention seeking mum twat maybe?

we have again the boring news that Tamake is trying to say its alright between her and Usher. Come on , serious about that?? any day now girl, and that boy will ditch you..

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By the way, i hope you guys take the time to vote in the hot poll, with another 2 days to go, we are having a very edgy run to the results. I bet a $50 on lindsay Lohan to win, but the poll is showing a different reason that i didnt even expect? You want to know, you have to VOTE !!

Come on, you guys voted for that idiot Bush to run president, you cant vote on this??

So, today, i am doing a whyGossip special, where i am doing my own, first of its kind

a drum roll please

the 20 whyGossip best celebrity hottest boobs !!

lets face it, we like it or not, we always marveled at how that piece of fat actually makes a girl sexy. We drool, and sometimes when someones shows a bad boob job, we run and hide..

We see them bare in photo shoots, in movies, in beach and yes, a so called "private sex tape", cough pamela anderson cough cough.. sorry.. feeling kinda sick today.

Listed below are twenty celebrities whose breasts have captured the public’s imagination. Not that they have to be imagined to see. More than half have already shown us the goods in movies and other media, while some, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, are perpetual teases who probably will be waiting until they’ve got no more careers to speak of before deciding to let “Oinky and Poinky” loose as a desperate measure, again cough pamela anderson cough cough.. sick again sorry !!

This list only posts what i presume as "all naturale" which means, none of it had been medically or magically altered to look good. Its not fair to put any fake boobs in, as i believe with the right money and tools, even the grandpa who lives next door with his fat belly, sagging chest and cheap liquor could make in the list. So, this i presume, are all natural.

If i am wrong, you could vote, comment, bash me up, or flame me. If i am right, help me flame any guys or gals (for the matter) who tries to diss me.

You can suggest a new person to make it in the list, and if you and the rest believe its the best, i will edit it and insert a link to your website so people could thank you and kiss your feet. Alright?

this list is not arranged in any way, but do reply and tell me who you think has the best jug !!
the person who is the most popular will be given a special post on the weekend edition !

here we go, the top 20 !!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt

2. Heidi Klum

3. Estella Warren

4. Jennifer Aniston

5. Christina Millian

6. Elisha Cuthbert

oh, and dont forget to bid on my ebay item NOW, a brand new Apple iPhone.

7. Elzabeth Hurley

8. Shakira

9. Monica Belluci

10. Keeley Hazell

11. Shania Twain

12. Eve Mendes

13. Jessica Alba

14. LaeTITie Casta - she even got the word tit in her name !!

15. Catherine Bell

16. Mandy Moore

17. Halle Berry

18. Salma Hayek

19. Katherine Heigl

20. Carla Gugino

now that you have seen all the best 20 celebrity boob owners, this is what you must do. I will add another one, and take one out of that list, and you will help me do it. Vote for who you want me to kick out and bring in by putting a comment.The result will be published in the weekly weekend edition where we will put the new miss sunshine in and kick the old hag out.

that, and another thing, at the moment, i already have
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Anonymous said...

now, where the fuck is allyssa milano??

and you still have halle berry, kick her out, its sagging for gods sake

Joel said...

get rihanna !!

there are not all original boobs you know !!

Monica said...

ya man, half of the boobs there are fake..

salma hayek for one.. that aint real !!

crazykidsurfer said...

Cool list man, i am enjoying, sorry.. reviewing your list with added interest !!

madman87 said...

jessica alba is looking hot, and i agree with having salma hayek taken off the list

Anonymous said...

cool list, cool list !!

Yours Truly said...

thank you, thank you..

salma one are not real ??

are you sure about it?

ben said...

Elisha Cuthbert is da bomb..

wow !!!!

man, she looks pretty !!

but who she is by the way ?

Anonymous said...

why christina millian is in the list, there are many more talented, and better looking boob owners out there !!

Yours Truly said...

Really, like who ?

Anonymous said...

kick out halle berry..

and where the $#%% is jessica biel..

Anonymous said...

man , i did your poll, i got in your rss subscribers,and if i have the money, i would have gotten the iPhone too, but i dont.. so sorry..

good list, good writing, great pics, and tone down the green background !!

Joel (Again) said...

where is cloudia schiffer.. ????

Peter said...

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