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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why You Should Date Hillary Duff !

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Sometimes i get mad at celebs, they think just because they do a couple of songs,sell a few millions, they are the most powerful people on Earth.. (i dont really give a strong point there, do i? )

but, there are some celebs out there that i think worth a few good mentions in my book.

most of the time, i will like to diss and cuss the living daylight out any celebs who got into my "whygossip primetime news" - likes of lindsay, paris hilton and nicole richie..

For the record, i am not convinced of nicole richie today being all-angelic, i-am-turning-into-a-responsible-adult-shit, couse she will do that shit again.. wait and see.. Thats why there is no post mentioning it here today.

but, Hillary Duff, my, she is one angel that i will give my Cheapest Apple iPhone For.

On Wednesday, Hilary Duff dished up chicken stew for the homeless in Edmonton, Alberta at Herb Jamieson Centre as part of her social campaign to raise awareness about poverty and hunger in the world. Duff also help solicit food donations from those who attend her concert. The food will be distributed in Edmonton through Alberta Harvest.

isnt she a nice girl, ya' mum will approve off? Ya agree.. Read on..

Duff volunteered her time for over an hour and also paid a visit to Hope Mission, a Christian social services agency while she was there.

Big deal? you think its part of her "whore media" campaign ??

You bitch ..

she is a nice girl..

My i-tried-and-give-my-thums-up advertisement

Duff, who was in Canada for a scheduled stop on her “Dignity Tour” which kicked off Saturday in Winnipeg, has previously collaborated with Canadian Harvest and has raised more than 125,000 pounds of food on her two previous Canadian tours.

How about that.. isnt the prospect is getting better and better ?? You really start thinking that you should date her right?

Read more..

Hillary duff didnt just stayed until her photo-shoot and the media coverage is over, but she willingly waited until the very last poor bugger got his meal..

“She stayed for the whole lunch,” Hope Mission spokeswoman Janelle Aker said. “Until the last man received his food.”

You are sold ???

Now you want to really call her mum and say hi, call her dad and ask for his permission, book the limo, get your mum to pay for the food that you going to buy her, and loan some good clothes from your rich friend, and somehow make through her group of iron-steel bodyguard and ring her house bell..

YOU BET, whyGossip !!

well, did i forget to mention she was there with her supposedly "i-confirm-though" hockey player boyfriend,

New York Islanders player Mike Comrie ???

tough luck buddy..

but no complaints, here is one picture of her to make you all happy

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