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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Angelina Jolie Goes Nude !!

Finally, here is a story that will get the next pimply teenager hormones into an overdrive.

She goes nude.

In the upcoming film “Beowulf”, a motion capture Angelina Jolie will appear naked, covered by nothing but a braid and drops of water, only braid . (i cant help but taking the line from titanic! )

but here is the catch, its digitally enhanced though.. come on, after all the shagging brad pitt had done (you don't think he is clowning around her for nothing, do you??) , plus the fact that she is getting old, makes her eligible for some "gollum like transformation", in fact.. it is done by the same tech to create Gollum - “motion capture” technology !! getting all techie and nerdie there, sorry !!

what gives right?

on one hand, you have a naked angelina jolie, but on the othe hand, its enhanced..

its like saying you shagged with the your neighbors daughters at age 17, but withholding the fact that she is fat, dumb, and is a 40 years old virgin... and she paid you!

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life shitty, dont you think? they wont let us have full pleasures in anything nowadays !!

here is the picture:

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