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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beyonce Pulled The Plug On Youtube !!

Wow, this video of beyonce knowles taking a fall during her live set is know a classic!! Why you ask? Well Sony BMG is going their round pulling the plug on the vids set posted. Now, the search on youtube will show this message --- > This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Sony BMG !!

At first i thought, it’s could be part of her routine but when you think about it no one, including Beyonce could have added some crazy break dancing moves that require to fall down a staircase head first.

But The question is:

Is she that ashamed about it?


Do she really think she can stop people from viewing it

Guess Jay'z fiancee here is really ashamed about it, she even pleaded withe her fans not to post it after she finished the song when she took that fall... Is really that bad, coming from the same Beyonce who had a tit slip once---> Picture No 2 shows the tit slip !! (Have to google quite a bit before i found this..)

but missy, you aint stopping the people if they want to spread it around, if they want it, we will give it !!

So there You Go !! The Big Fall !!

Beyonce Stage Fall - Click here for more home videos

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