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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Courtney Love Went Gay !!

You Heard?

the lady said it herself, if what was excerpted from her myspace account are to be taken as true, then, people we have some -i would-call-her-aging rock gay star..


it took me til NYC to accept the factthat there are no dudes in the demo and you know what? FUCKING EXCELLENT! i embrace this! id rather have homos any fucking day being that i am a gay mn trannie any fucking waay. just read your comments cos i dodnt know how to my blogs. swhats a kudos? im talking to the head of my sp[ace and im afraid to frickin ask, but im sooooo over the dudes, like i isaid having opend for metallica ive hjad the dudes and i prefer my frmale sof all ages and my young homos, colopur my ass liza im thrilled! move teh fuck ohvah scissor sistahs, im thrilled on the site you donthavr ot so much desrcibe yoru stykle as maybe your philophy opr jiust something about you what brands you like i dont give a fuck. but the home thing really got me as ove said sinc emy gen of homos allliked dance music and i fel alientated from my peeps as they went off vogueing, it was nnoying at best, by yall have grown up in lt rock nd ahhhhm fucking thrillllllled, never expected it for a sec , but here i coem Logo Advocte Gyuardian, baby!!!!! fey gay an dnot in my way. "

I know just like i am here, that you are bewildered and attempting to believe that this Madam here could have joined our dear little Lindsay Lohan on sum snuff gum activities( i just dont know what she saying) .. She is one sum shit, hell yeah!!

She even went on to diss lily allen, but she said at the moment, remain unknown.. i will digg on this...

someone should check her back pockets as well... lol


Anonymous said...

Is she really gay, or she is drunk?

Anonymous said...

What you think, that fat ugly and now gay bitch dont even believe in paragraphs... check out her blog.

here you go : http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog&friendID=165705423&blogMonth=&BlogDay=&blogYear=&Mytoken=AA157671-3AC0-462F-B1469276D851E2CE22094541&setrsi=1

They just go mental huh..

kurt is dead, and now she is gay, heard her doughter is whack!!

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