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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Is Nicole Richie Pregnant?

Finally, the ugly twin of the simple series finally have been spotted, making a trip down to see dad Lionel Richie at his house in Bel - Air yesterday.

The baby bump is still not confirmed, but she is slotted to appear in a interview with Diane Sawyer. In three segments set to air between Aug. 2 on Good Morning America and Aug. 3 on Good Morning America and 20/20, Sawyer will finally have the opportunity to ask Richie on our behalf, "What is wrong with you, and why you are not acting weird?!"

Really, this lady, now, you can see her more in any sub-urb Chillis rather than in any posh hotels, she swapped first class treatment, to run and cover in her car near where her boyfriend is performing..

We wait and see then, the imminent question is which comes first : the estimated 3 months jail time, her wedding or the baby?

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