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Monday, July 30, 2007

Justin Timberlake got Jessica Biel !!

Dammit.. this dude is ruining it all for me..

i used to like Britney Spears once(wat back before she got her fashion sense from taliban) .. and he crushed my fantasy by dating her..

And now this?

I should run over this guy and save many guys dreams ..

Latest scoop is that our sexyback singer Justin "ex N-Sync" Timberlake (sorry, i have to bring up his heyday pop bubblegum past to make up for my ill feelings on him now) is now dating the hot and very much gorgeous Jessica Biel !!

But shhhh !!

he dont want anyone to know about this..

including me and you ...

So what he did..

When JT and JB here was spotted coming out of Parc together last night, (and though everyone from L.A. to Baghdad knows they're an item), the two suddenly refused to hold up their hands during the departure -- with Biel being led away by another shaved-head stud..

Fine.. but they should have been more discreet right..

then a couple of minutes down the road, Biel and the bald stud stopped to meet up with Timberlake in his Rubicon!

Way to throw everyone off, right?

Justin and Biel then drove off together, leaving the mystery guy behind. Guess, his 5 minutes of fame ended right there.( he must have felt like he is on top of the world being spotted with Jessica Biel though. I would).

But props up JT and JB.. Thats a good way to keep it stealthy!

Even my dog could have sniffed thats fake. And believe me, he is one truly lazy dog who spends 20 hours just sleeping)

Last But Not Least ;-), here is some pics of them, Jessica Biel will be more though !! Sorry, she is hotter than JT . Look at that ass !!

Tough luck for me, guess i should start looking at other celebrity to daydream !! Ah well, there is always Megan Fox or once gossiped dating JT(again this guy, dammit.. where is my car key) Scarlett Johansson!! Now everyone roll out and find me the damn all-sparks !!

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