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Monday, July 30, 2007

Paris Hilton Got Axed From $60M Inheritence !

PARTY princess Paris Hilton is $60 million poorer after her billionaire grandfather - appalled by her jail term for drink-driving offences and that poor quality night vision sextape - axed her inheritance !!

I know !! Great story aint it !! Read more !!

Paris Hilton’s grandfather, Barron Hilton, is so pissed off that the tart has damaged the Hilton name that he’s not only decided to cut Paris off from her expected $60 million inheritance , he’s cut off her entire extended family. None of his 11 grandchildren, including this pop tart whore bitch will get a penny !!

Family patriarch Barron Hilton was already embarrassed by his granddaughter's wild behaviour for some time now - most notable when her home sex video was leaked on the internet.

(She marketed Hilton brand the most peculiar way- "showing that the Hiltons can take it from the back !!)

And most probably her 23-day sentence last month took the last straw out of him.

"He was, and is, extremely embarrassed by how the Hilton name has been sullied by Paris," says Jerry Oppenheimer, who wrote a biography of the clan called House Of Hilton.

"He now doesn't want to leave unearned wealth to his family." and he made the right choice !!

So what will happen to the money..

That money, and another $2.4billion he will gain from this month's sale of the company to private equity firm Blackstone, will be channelled to his charity foundation once he kicks the bucket.

The money will be channelled to Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, the charity set up in the name of the founder of the family business.

Go Barron .. Paris , eat dirt girl..

now lets see how many will be affected by all this

Paris has two brothers Barron, 17, and Conrad, 13, along with sister Nicky, 23. We must also count her cousins who have also lost tens of millions each thanks to Paris’ fame-whoring antics, but her father Rick has five brothers and two sisters, so it’s clear that a lot of people are affected by this.

But still i dont think she will be cashing any food stamps soon.. she still have money from her own projects, simple life, perfumes, real estate and so much more..

Her father, got a range of real estate portfolio, including hotel chains..

But, poor cousins, she was the whore, and they paid for it.. !!

when i lost a nickel the other day, i felt stupid.. wonder how paris hilton feels ??

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Zawadi said...

Even though P. Hilton is a spoiled brat, and dishonored the family name, I think most people only see her as the tramp, not her family. To cut off the extended family was a bit to much. Maybe he should re think that and cut Paris out and not her family.

Yours Truly said...

true, but i am not even in the family,
besides maybe he wants to teach them how to fend for themselves..

whatever it is, she is not getting the money

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